“Nasim e Ashiq Parwar” – نسیم عاشق پرور

Original Artist: Fawad Ramez. Rough Translation: “By the holy place where the winds which gives lovers their refuge comes from, you’re the light of God which emanates from that same place. I travelled the one-thousand and one nights, and I found that you were concealed and hidden. Only if you could manifest yourself. Not only are you the beginning of this path, but you are the entire path. Once you become my safe haven, the world will become a safe haven. You’re as colorful as the most colorful attire, as rich as the richest melody. You have the most beautiful of faces. May you be free of grief and worries, and free of pain and illness. The sight of you is a refreshment for the heart, and a source of invigoration for the body. And you are my one cause for hope and optimism.”

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