The Rise and Fall of the Neoliberal Order

In short, the status quo amounts to looting and kleptomania on a very large scale and scope, and the so-called morality of the status quo is a Nietzschean one, in the sense that the morality which they project to everyone is merely a guise in order to cover up their history of looting and kleptomania. Even their labels and their appearances are meant to confuse people and to distract the focus away from the history of looting and kleptomania. As C. Wright Mills wrote:

“Its members exist all over the country, and it is a coalition of generals in the roles of corporation executives, of politicians masquerading as admirals, of corporation executives acting like politicians, of civil servants who become majors, of vice-admirals who are also the assistants to a cabinet officer, who is himself, by the way, really a member of the managerial elite.” 

In essence, the system operates based on relationships, functions, and personal affinities which are largely unknown to the people and are hard to understand unless the aim and purpose of kleptomania and looting is brought to the fore. Mills wrote: “The power elite, as we conceive it, also rests upon the similarity of its personnel, and their personal and official relations with one another, upon their social and psychological affinities.” It follows that: “In order to grasp the personal and social basis of the power elite’s unity, we have first to remind ourselves of the facts of origin, career, and style of life of each of the types of circle whose members compose the power elite.”

Simply put, if you are not a hypocrite, liar, looter, and kleptomaniac, you cannot associate or hobnob with the “power elite.” Nor can you partake in their business. There are sociopathic personal, psychological, and social attributes and qualities which one must have in order to be brought into the various circles of the “power elite” in the United States. 

And given that the raison d’être of the status quo is kleptomania and looting on a global scale, the ultimate result or social outcome on a governmental and societal level is “the transformation of all human encounters and aspirations into questions of capital.” Why liberalism is the ideology of choice for the status quo is because the principle of freedom embedded in liberalism is used as a justification for the looting and kleptomania which occurs at the highest levels of government and society. And it is now easy to understand why the overwhelming majority of the American people are fed up with the status quo and its ideology. As John Mearsheimer wrote: “A purely liberal state is soulless: it creates few emotional bonds between citizens and their government, which is why it is sometimes said that getting people to fight and die for a liberal state is especially difficult.” 

Hence, it is no surprise that there are now popular movements against the liberal order in many places, including in the United States. There is a “moral order” underlying the liberal order which is farcical and Nietzschean and thus highly questionable and should be subject to criticism and scrutiny and ultimately an overhaul, given its history of looting and kleptomania. Liberalism and its offshoot, neoliberalism, have “failed to lift all boats” given that the benefits and privileges of the system have been concentrated at the very top over the last few decades. Issues with distribution of resources, growing economic and social inequality, as well as decline in global security and social welfare all make it evident that the “moral order” which underpins the liberal order and the status quo are farcical, Nietzschean, and thus highly questionable. 

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