In short, there is a natural barrier or partition between the kleptomaniacs, looters, psychopaths, and sociopaths of the status quo on one hand, and ordinary people and everyone else in the world on the other hand. If one does not fit the profile of a kleptomaniac, looter, psychopath, sociopath, hypocrite, and liar, then one is essentially canceled and suppressed by Washington. This largely explains why when there is an intervention in other countries by Washington, the worst people you can possibly imagine are propped up. Washington even went as far as supporting Pol Pot in Cambodia during the Cold War. If you do not know about Pol Pot or who he is, go look him up. And if we consider the gangsters and military generals who were propped up in Latin America during the Cold War by Washington, we see that Washington is inclined towards choosing the worst people you can possibly find, because decent people would not do their bidding by engaging in kleptomania, looting, hypocrisy, and lying. 

Hamid Karzai, for instance, fits the profile of a kleptomaniac, looter, hypocrite, and liar whom Washington inclined towards during its 21st century interventions in other countries. Amongst Afghans themselves, both in the diaspora as well as those who have lived in Afghanistan and Pakistan during the course of the last few decades, it is an established fact that the Karzai name and the Karzai family is one of the most disreputable and tainted in all of Afghanistan. The best families in Afghanistan, the ones with the most esteemed reputations, would never associate with the Karzai family. I have heard directly from some of them regarding how they feel about the Karzai family. Yet, Washington had to go choose the worst family that you can possibly find in Afghanistan, and then impose them on the rest of the country. 

But the point is not to generate and foster animosity and hatred towards Washington for choosing the worst human beings over decent human beings. Essentially, kleptomania, looting, hypocrisy, and lying are symptoms of an underlying mental and psychological crisis and illness in Washington that requires a cure and a remedy. In turn, this crisis and illness stems from the most basic choice and tradeoff that can be made in life, namely, the choice or the tradeoff between the material incentive on one hand and the moral incentive on the other hand. As one Afghan proverb states: “A life without love is a forbidden and immoral one.” Another proverb states: “The human spirit reaches its full character and potential through love; any kind of character and actuality other than this kind of character and actuality is a defective and flawed one.”

And if we can steal elections and install kleptomaniacs and looters and hypocrites and liars in other countries because our most basic rationale and logic is the pursuit of the material incentive over the moral incentive, then we can do it here at home as well. In America at the moment, the most basic political and social divide is between the circles and groups who seek to preserve the status quo on one hand, and those who seek to change the status quo on the other hand. Because the status quo must be changed as a result of circumstances and events that are outside of our control, those who seek to preserve the status quo have to resort to morally questionable and shady tactics in order to achieve their basic aim which one must note, goes against the grain. In a sense, it all depends on how we facilitate the final outcome of what is essentially an inevitable change in the status quo. It can either be managed properly, or the outcome is rendered through a vicious conflict, dispute, and war which will most likely be unfavorable to those seeking to preserve the status quo over the long run. 

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